At Pinnacle Business Water, we promise to do what is best for our customers AND deliver on that promise.

We are one of the few suppliers who do not tie customers into long-term contracts. We believe in the empowered consumer – one who has the freedom to choose the best supplier that suits their needs, as well as a quick and easy transfer over to our services.


Our Experience

Pinnacle Business Water is a family-run business in Paisley. We first became involved in the Scottish water market in 2011, when we developed a working relationship with one of the market’s then leading suppliers. We were responsible for all operations and customer service activities for this supplier until they were taken over by a larger organisation in September 2017.

In 2018, we decided to take the plunge and register as a water supplier with our own company. We have gone on to become a small, wholly independent, Scottish supplier who has something special to offer customers. Our niche is the self-catering market, but you don’t have to be a self-caterer to choose us as your supplier!

Think of us as the passionate newcomers, excited to be part of the water market in Scotland. We are supported by a strong knowledge of the industry and an excellent working relationship with Scottish Water. We are determined to always put our customers first and not repeat the mistake larger suppliers have made.


Our Values


Our customers are always at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be the most flexible water suppliers in the Scottish water market, offering a hassle free and easy-to-switch contract.


We have included ‘pinnacle’ in our name – a noun defining the highest point or level – and we plan to live up to this by establishing an excellent reputation with our customers and in the water industry.

Family Culture

We are a family business, both in terms of company ownership and the work environment we foster. We consider all of our employees an important part of the day-to-day flow of office and worth investing in. We love to see our employees grow!


As a water supplier, we aim to give our customers good advice and share accurate information on issues relating to water supply, usage, waste water and drainage in order to assist them in managing their water consumption.

How to Switch

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