Choosing Your Business Water Supplier

With more than 20 suppliers to choose from in Scotland, you need to decide which one is the best for you. An obvious factor in this decision process is price – it is, after all, the same water. However, the cheapest quote is not always the right one for your business and may end up costing you more than what you initially expected. This is what we recommend when choosing your business water supplier.


Find out what each supplier is offering

Carefully read over the terms and conditions of any agreement you make with a licensed provider. Some providers offer a bundled utility service to reduce cost across your utilities. They may also offer discounted rates to new customers or special rates depending on your payment plan.

Always consider the penalties of leaving a contract with the supplier early, and the effect this may have on your water bill and business costs. Depending on the terms of the contract, early termination can result in penalties, such as being charged a fee, or a discount being revoked. This can drive up the cost of your water bill.

Find out more about long-term contracts vs. short-term agreements here.


Get the service you deserve

In the event of any issues with your water supply or bills, it is important that you can rely on your supplier to resolve them swiftly and with as little hassle on your end as possible.

We define great service as putting the customer’s needs at the heart of operations. We also believe in honesty and transparency, keeping our customers informed and no hidden charges.

You should expect good communication from your supplier’s customer service team, as well as trusted advice on how to lower water consumption and expertise on the water market. We recommend beginning your search for a provider on the Scotland On Tap website.


Pinnacle Business Water is dedicated to delivering great service. If you have any further queries about choosing your supplier, please visit or contact our customer service team. You can call us on 0141 212 0210 or email