Gap Sites Explained

Have you recently been contacted by Scottish Water or another water supplier informing you that your property is a gap site?

A gap site is a non-household property that is connected to the Scottish Water network for water, wastewater and/or drainage services, but has not been registered to pay for these services. All non-household premises which are connected to the Scottish Water infrastructure are required to pay for services, even if they have been awarded business rates relief.

Gap sites can occur if a property has been registered incorrectly or if a landlord splits floor space in a multi-tenanted building. Each individual unit in the building is required to pay separately for property and road drainage charges, even if there are no water or wastewater facilities in the unit. Gap sites also include properties that have changed from domestic to commercial (i.e. holiday lets). Since April 2017, vacant non-household properties are no longer exempt from water charges and may also show up as gap sites.

If your property is receiving any services from Scottish Water, you need to pay for those services via a licensed provider like Pinnacle Business Water. Licensed providers can be easily contacted directly for a quote or via Scotland On Tap.

When your property is registered, you should not receive backdated charges. Charging starts from the day Scottish Water creates the unique supply point identifier for the premises. Contact your supplier if you think you have been billed incorrectly.

Non-household customers can choose between suppliers and it is important to choose the best supplier for your property. Every supplier offers their own bundled services and they will be your main point of contact with Scottish Water.


What to do if you believe your property has been incorrectly flagged as a gap site

Gap sites do not include properties that have already been registered or are connected to a private water supply and septic tank. If you do not receive any services from Scottish Water, contact a licensed provider or Scottish Water direct, and explain the situation. If your property has been incorrectly identified as a gap site, further investigation by Scottish Water should quickly confirm this. If you only require drainage services for your property, you can apply for a drainage account.

You may be able to receive an exemption if you are a registered charity. For more information on this scheme, please visit Scotland On Tap.


Pinnacle Business Water is dedicated to delivering great service. If you have any further queries about Gap Sites, please visit or contact our customer service team. You can call us on 0141 212 0210 or email