Long-term Contract vs. No Contract with a Water Supplier

Since April 2008, non-household customers have been able to choose from a variety of water suppliers. This has given Scottish businesses the freedom to compare offers from suppliers and decide which service best suits their needs.

Pinnacle Business Water is one of the few water suppliers who do not tie customers into a long-term contract. We believe that these contracts are restrictive and can be costly for businesses that fluctuate in their water consumption over time.

If you are in the process of choosing the best service for your business, we urge you to carefully read over the terms and conditions of any contract offered by a supplier before signing it. Here are the key benefits of having a short-term agreement:


  • Easier, hassle-free switching
  • No hidden charges
  • Flexibility in your payments
  • Great customer service
  • Long-term contracts are not necessary


Unlike gas and electricity, water prices do not fluctuate daily. For businesses like holiday lets and accommodation, whose water usage can increase or decrease significantly depending on the season and demand, this can lock them into paying an unfair price for their water supply.

Depending on the terms and conditions of the contract, leaving it early can result in penalties, such as being charged a fee, or a discount being revoked. This can drive up the cost of your water bill.

Pinnacle Business Water offers customers the option of paying their water bill monthly – this means that you can expect a competitive price relative to your water usage, not the amount you agreed to pay before usage.

We also believe in and do our best to fulfil hassle-free switching experience. You can take this as further evidence of our great customer service. While we specialise in short-term agreements, that does not mean we want to see you go – it is in our best interests to satisfy and exceed customers’ expectations.


Case Study

We recently secured the water supply of eight holiday lets. The owner got in contact with the Pinnacle Business Water team, dissatisfied with the service provided by their previous supplier as the long-term contract offered did not account for when the properties were vacant. We agreed on no contract – offering instead a monthly bill based on actual water consumption. This flexible business relationship saved our new customer money, and they were not charged when the lets were empty and not consuming water. We also agreed to support the customer when the properties were sold and moving back onto council tax.