Seven Simple Habits For Saving On Your Water Bill

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While this article provides useful information for any cost-conscious and environmentally-aware consumer, the team at Pinnacle Business Water has our self-catering clients in mind. You will find an infographic at the bottom of the article which can be used as a poster and displayed in any or all of your residences. For an A4 sized version of this image, please contact:

Saving money on your water bill does not have to be a chore! Here are seven simple habits anyone can adopt which will reduce the amount and cost water consumption.


1. Avoid overfilling the kettle

Few things in life can beat a good brew. By only using as much as needed when filling up the kettle, it will not only save water, but also electricity and the time it takes to boil the water.


2. A full washing machine for every wash

Taking care not to overload it, filling up the washing machine for every wash can help reduce the water bill. You should encourage people staying at your residences to wait for their laundry pile to grow or combine their load with another person’s.
Alternatively, you can install a washing machine which has a half-load option and encourage occupants to use this feature if they do not have enough laundry to fill the machine.


3. Shorter showers

Did you know that a 15-minute shower uses almost as much water as a bath?


4. Turn off the taps

Prompting occupants to remember to turn off the taps in between brushing their teeth and washing their faces is another important way to reduce water consumption.


5. Using less water for washing the dishes

We recommend installing a dishwasher in the kitchen as they use less water than cleaning dishes by hand under a running tap. A cheap alternative is to put a washing up bowl in the sink.


6. Look Out For Leaky Taps

Leaking taps need to be fixed as soon as possible or they will end up becoming an unexpected addition to the water bill.


7. Flushing less

Did you know that the average UK toilet uses 13 litres of water with every flush? For daily use, this can amount to 71 litres per person per day.
A common mistake is to treat a toilet as a bin. Discarding rubbish in this manner not only increases your water bill with every flush but can clog up pipes and be harmful to the environment.


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