Part of the overall service at Pinnacle Business Water is our commitment to make sure customers are only paying what they should for their water, waste water and drainage services. Not only do we offer a competitive pricing package, we also guarantee that we will check your account for accuracy. There are a number of areas where savings could potentially be made.

Waste water charges:  charging for waste water is usually based on 95% of your recorded water usage.  This can be challenged in some cases, depending upon your type of business.  If it can be proved that less than 95% of your waste water is being returned to the sewer, Scottish Water will agree to reduce the return to sewer (RTS) percentage to a more realistic figure.  This can be done for a variety of reasons – maybe your business uses industrial condensing tumble driers or perhaps you use sprinkler systems for large areas of grass – and we are happy to talk to Scottish Water on your behalf.  Some detailed information will be required from you, but we’ll take over all the hard work.

No meter at the premises:  if you don’t have a water meter, your charges will be based on the rateable value of the property and this usually means you will pay more for your services.  We will contact Scottish Water on your behalf regarding having a meter installed free of charge at your premises.

Fire tariff allowance application forms will be submitted by us to Scottish Water if you are in an eligible property.  Do you have a fire hydrant within your boundary and do you have an 80mm meter installed to supply the hydrant?

Is your meter the correct size?  If your meter is too large, you could save a considerable amount of money per year by downsizing your meter.  This type of meter exchange is chargeable by Scottish Water, but can be very cost effective in the long run.

Are you being charged correctly for roads and property drainage?  We can look into various aspects of drainage charges for you, from making sure your particular property is liable, to ensuring the correct rateable value is being used to calculate the charges.

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